Be held- Therapeutic Cuddling

Come be nurtured

Let go of all your worries, stress and tension.  Be held, heard, and supported.

Human beings need touch, we all need to be held, and no one should be denied from receiving such wonderful medicine.  Take time out of your busy life and allow the focus to be you.  This is an opportunity for you to recharge so that you can give fully to the rest of your life.  Don't tell yourself otherwise, YOU DESERVE IT.

I am offering my sweet, loving touch to you.  I offer one-on-one sessions which include spooning, holding, hair caressing, hand holding, massage and conversation.  I am a great listener.  I really do care and want to support YOU.  I am easy to talk to, non-judgmental, open minded, and extremely nurturing.

We will discuss what you're comfortable with and together create safe boundaries before we touch.

I do this work because I love it, because I believe in it.  I have seen the power that loving touch and connection has to heal and transform lives.  Let me be a reflection of you, to shine back your own perfect light.  I want to make this world a better place and that starts with YOU.

I offer this work to everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status.  We all have the same needs.

Sessions are 100% confidential.